Ikenobo Flower Arranger Indonesia (PPII – Perkumpulan Perangkai Ikenobo Indonesia) establishment

Year 1978

The art of  Ikebana Ikenobo flower arrangement were first introduced by The Embassy of Japan in Jakarta, coached by Sensei Tamiko Nakakoji (now as Sensei Tamiko Tamura), who stayed in Jakarta accompanying her husband who was on duty in Indonesia.

At the end of 4-month lessons, some of the students agreed to set up the “Ikenobo Study Group” amongst themselves. They  were  Mr. Pita Niramaya, Mrs. Karlina Wiharsa, Mr.Chen Mu Xiang, Mrs. Meiske  Parwini Katili ,  Mr. Peter Sie, Mr. Eddy Soependi, Mrs. Gus  Apan(Chairman of PIII May 2008 ~ June 2011),   Mrs. S. Dewanto  D (Chairman of PIII, Nov 1980 ~ Nov 1988 ).

Year 1979

In June, The Ikebana Ikenobo Class were then moved to The Japan Foundation Jakarta, still coached by Sensei Tamiko and assisted by Mrs. Meiske Katili.

The alumni students that continued on learning the Ikebana Ikenobo lesson were Mrs. Oeke King Hartono, Mrs. Lenny Soehalim, and Ms.Tati Tusin(Chairman of PIII Nov 1988~Nov 1992, March 1996~Nov 2001, Chairman of PPII April 2016-present). Since then students from “Ikenobo Study-group” organization used to hold exhibitions and demonstrations.

Year 1980

Mr.Iman Sumar (Chairman of PIII Nov 2001~Nov 2004, Caretaker of PIII 2016, Adviser of PPII 2016- present) started joined the “ Ikebana Ikenobo Study Group” after his returning back from Japan – Sendai.

 As the “Ikebana Ikenobo Study Group” of flower arrangement class started blooming and many members participated, the Ikebana Ikenobo Chapter in Jakarta was  finally inaugurated as “Perhimpunan Ikebana Ikenobo Indonesia”  (PIII)  at 25-November-1980, by Professor Toho Noda.

As an official Chapter, PIII were registered to the Governor of Jakarta as an organization of Japanese art of flower arranging, and  Mrs. S.Dewanto was the Chairman of PIII for a period of 8 years (November 1980 ~ November 1988).

Year 2016

With the newly elected Chairman in 2014, there were different vision on PIII adopted. To preserve its origin and the history of Ikebana Ikenobo Indonesia , the senior ex Chairman Mrs Tati Tusin with the group of senior members has re-established the Ikenobo chapter under the name PPII (Perkumpulan Perangkai Ikenobo Indonesia), that is  legally authorized and registered in the Ministry of Law And Human Rights Of the Republic Of Indonesia on  01  April 2016.

President PPII   : Ibu Tati Tusin

Vice President  PPII   : Ibu Rosida Tantawi

Secretary Office : Jl. Cideng Timur, No. 11, Jakarta Pusat  10130.

Email : ikenoboindonesia@yahoo.com

Website : www.ikenoboindonesia.com